About This Website

Hi. My name is Will Matthews and for the past 20 years I’ve been helping to spread conspiracy theories as part of an organised social management campaign.

But not just any old conspiracy theories – I’m talking about the ones which are promoted by the modern day Conspiracy Movement and are broadcast by people such as David Icke.

This website is the story of how I became involved in this campaign, and I’ll be revealing it’s true purpose as an attempt to manage the negative psychological effects of the massive changes to society which we’re about to see in the coming Technological Era.

I’ll be talking about all of the most common conspiracy theories which have now become part of mainstream popular culture, and I’ll be explaining what they all have in common and what they’re trying to achieve by making people believe. These include –

  • The Illuminati
  • The Eye and the Pyramid
  • The 2012 phenomena
  • The New World Order
  • 9/11 Inside Job

But I’ll also be talking about the many other conspiracy theories which are a part of this campaign – including Princess Diana, the Moon as a Spacecraft, Mind Control, Aliens ….. and even Shape-shifting Reptilians.

I’ll also be explaining how the whole thing is run as an organised PR campaign using well established methods of advertising, marketing and propaganda. I’ll be giving real examples of how these techniques are used by the Conspiracy Movement to steer our beliefs, opinions and worldviews.

And I’ll also be telling you why I’m going public with my story, and why my colleagues at The Long Blue Wall – the psychologists, sociologists and historians who write the conspiracy theories – are not not at all concerned that I’m doing so.

The posts will be varied and will cover many different topics, but all will relate to the reasons for the Conspiracy Movement and the methods used in selling it’s story and making us believe. Topics include –

  • History – Lessons learned from previous social upheavals, and how we are being prepared for life in the Technological Era.
  • Mythology – The role of mythology in any well-functioning society and how Conspiracy Theories are writing our new ones.
  • Psychology – How our views, opinions and beliefs are shaped. The methods and techniques used by the Conspiracy Movement.
  • Society – How major changes in a society affect the psychological well-being of the community, and how the Conspiracy Movement is attempting to manage these side-effects.
  • Modern Culture – How Hollywood Movies, TV shows, YouTube Videos and the Internet are used to spread the word.
  • Religion – The role of a shared belief system and how the Conspiracy Movement is the vehicle to create a modern updated version of previous religions.
  • Technology – How technological advancement is about to change the very infrastructure of life on earth for Humans.

I have plenty to tell you about, but I also have a proper job away from The Long Blue Wall which I need to pay my bills. So I’ll only be posting now and again when time allows.

There’s a lot to talk about though, so it will take some time to go over the whole story. Why not subscribe and be notified each time I publish a new post.

Please leave comments – but try to not be too rude or aggressive – and if you want to contact me about anything then feel free to use the form on the contact page.

Thanks for reading, Will.

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