How To Shapeshift and Scare People

If you’ve read my main post on the mythology of The Illuminati you’ll know how it was created by my colleagues at The Long Blue Wall as a modern updated version of the mythology of the Devil.

This post is the first in a series where I’ll look at each of the character traits which were borrowed from the Devil and given a new twist to create our new cultural bogey-man of The Illuminati.

I’m starting with Shapeshifting – the ability to change form between different creatures.

David Icke and the Shapeshifters

David Icke doesn’t talk about Reptilian Shapeshifters any more – but he doesn’t have to.

His job has been done in kick-starting a belief in The Illuminati and he can now leave the mythology to grow and develop whilst he focuses on another important job of the Conspiracy Movement – it’s role as an anti-establishment protest campaign.

He first introduced us to The Illuminati in his early books of alternative world history which were written to form the basis of the modern day Conspiracy Movement.

It was through one of these early books, The Biggest Secret, that we were first told the story of our new cultural bogey-man which would replace the Devil in the collective consciousness of the Western World.

For large sections of society The Illuminati has now replaced the Devil as the new cause of Evil, the new nemesis of Mankind, and our new common enemy to unite against.

It was in ‘The Biggest Secret’ where the mythological nature of the story was first revealed.

Their (The Illuminati) centre of power is not even in this dimension — it is in the lower fourth dimension, the traditional home for the “demons” of folklore and myth.

David Icke, The Biggest Secret

And it was in the same book where we also saw the first character trait which had been borrowed from the mythology of the Devil – the ability to Shapeshift and change form to other creatures.

George Bush claimed to be an Alien and appeared to transform into a reptile

David Icke, The Biggest Secret

Shapeshifters in Mythology, Folklore and Fiction

The Illuminati are the latest in a long line of mythological and fictional characters with the ability to shapeshift.

The Shapeshifting Terminator

Vampires, werewolves and witches are some of the most familiar shapeshifters in the Western World, but there’s plenty of less obvious ones such as Transformers, The Terminator, Jekyll and Hyde, and Superheroes like the Incredible Hulk.

The Illuminati was based directly on the mythology of the Devil who was a Shapeshifter able to take on many forms including the most famous example of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The Role of The Shapeshifter

Shapeshifters have powers above and beyond that of mere Humans and are therefore elevated to a higher level designed to be either feared or revered. Shapeshifters can be enemies and foes, or they can be friends and protectors.

The Illuminati are designed to be feared, and in the same way as the Devil they can add to this fear by taking on Human form to mix freely among us.

How to Shapeshift

Not just anyone can Shapeshift. First you have to acquire the ability – and this can happen in various ways.

For some it’s inherited from their Godly parents; for others it comes from Divine intervention or a Demonic curse; and for others it could be an insect bite, a high dose of radiation, a magical item of clothing, or even the influence of the moon.

For some creatures Shapeshifting is possible by the ingestion of a particular potion, substance or foodstuff – and it’s this method which is used in the Illuminati mythology.

As outlined by David Icke The Illuminati are able to shapeshift by their use of a substance which he referred to as ‘Mono-atomic Gold’.

While preparing this book I came across information that would explain shapeshifting…. it is mono-atomic gold…..when enough has been absorbed it would allow them to consciously move through other dimensions and shapeshift

David Icke, The Biggest Secret

Mono-atomic gold is a fictional substance with it’s own mythology deliberately cultivated to tie-in with the release of The Biggest Secret. Through the websites, articles and front-men of The Long Blue Wall a belief in this mysterious substance was so successfully promoted that it can still be found for sale today.

Don’t Mention the Reptiles!

According to the mythology set out in ‘The Biggest Secret’, The Illuminati are the Human alter-ego of a race of extra-terrestrial Reptilians who have been secretly controlling world affairs for thousands of years.

The chapter in the book which outlines this story is titled ‘Don’t Mention the Reptiles’ which is a reference to the warnings issued by friends of David Icke about him publishing his theory of Reptilian Shapeshifters.

But David Icke had been heavily influenced by a man who went by the name of Brian Desborough, a person who has often been mentioned by my colleagues at The Long Blue Wall, and who when I’ve pushed them to tell me more I’m usually met with a look that says ‘better not to ask’!

What is clear though is that Brian Desborough was an expert in psychology and was heavily involved in scientific research at various governmental departments and agencies.

It was Brian Desborough who persuaded David Icke to go public with his Reptilian Shapeshifting story and it was Brian Desborough who knew how our past associations with evil serpents would be a perfect mechanism to kick-start a fear of this new evil enemy.

The Human fear of snakes is one which could be carried over from our old mythology of the Devil to our new mythology of The Illuminati, and it’s this repackaging of the Serpent to the Reptilian which I’ll be talking more about in a future post.

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