2012 The Start Date of The Technological Era

Do you remember when the world was going to end in 2012? It’s very likely that you remember this particular doomsday prediction far more than the many others which we’ve been subjected to over the years.

And the reason why you remember 2012 so much is because it was ran as a professional PR campaign by my colleagues at The Long Blue Wall which was designed to deliberately create the first chapter of a future mythology which will explain the creation of our new coming society of the Technological Era.

(The creation of our future mythologies is one of the main functions of the modern day Conspiracy Movement. Read More : The Real Reasons for the Conspiracy Movement)

The Reason for the 2012 Marketing Campaign

All cultures have a mythology of how their particular society came to be, and they always have an event or an anchor point in time of when everything changed and the world moved on to a new phase. We are now at one of those moments in our history and Humanity is about to enter a new phase because of the impact and influence of technological advancement.

These anchor points are known as Epochs or Calendar Eras and they always mark a time of major social upheaval and a time when society started living a different kind of life with a different outlook on the world and the adoption of new cultural, moral and ethical codes.

The anchor point for the Western World in the last 1500 years has been the birth of Jesus which gave rise to a new Christian based society. The anchor point for our new society of the coming Technological Era will be the year of 2012 – and more precisely the date of 21st December 2012.

As there was no particular event or moment in time when technology started to redefine our world, it was necessary to artificially create one and to choose a date at the approximate time in history which could be used by our future society as the point in time of when everything changed. That anchor point will be the year of 2012.

The Perfect Date

When deciding on a suitable date for the symbolic start of the Technological Era, my colleagues at The Long Blue Wall soon realised that there was one clear winner.

21st December 2012 was a marketing man’s dream and the absolute perfect date to be adopted as the start of the Technological calendar era.

2012 The Start of the Technological Epoch

There were many reasons why 21:12:2012 was seen as the perfect choice, including the following –

  • 21st December has always been seen as significant by Humans. As the winter solstice and the day with the least hours of sunshine it has always been associated with death, rebirth and the start of a new cycle. Many mythologies and traditions have arisen from this symbolic start of a new year or a new era and our new society will continue this tradition.
  • The year of 2012 was chosen as it contains the same digits as the selected day and month. When added together they produce a date with an appealing mathematical sequence and an almost mystical, magical quality.
  • It’s three single numerals (base 3 Ternary) have the look of computer code which will perfectly suit our mindsets for life in the Technological Era.
  • The inclusion of the single Zero suggests the presence of an infinite higher power which is naturally appealing to our spiritual instincts.

Creating the 2012 Mythology : Part 1

The first stage of developing our future 2012 mythology was to build a widespread belief or expectation of a major event about to happen to planet Earth and Humanity in 2012.

2012 end of the world mythology

The academics, historians and sociologists who work at The Long Blue Wall spent a lot of time adjusting, rewriting and misrepresenting all sorts of historical facts, cosmic anomalies, and conspiracy theories which would be seen and absorbed by as wide a cross-section of society as possible.

So the Age of Aquarius was brought forward for the New Age followers. The theories of Planet X and Niburu were resurrected to appeal to conspiracy theorists. We had the Mayan calendar, geomagnetic reversal, galactic alignments, mass extinctions, alien invasions, Hollywood disaster movies, Discovery Channel documentaries, and a constant stream of TV adverts, music videos and computer games all containing 2012 End of World, Re-Birth and Transformation messages and symbolism.

There were very few people who were not subject to the marketing campaign which ensured that 2012 entered our collective consciousness as the end of our old world and the birth of a new era.

2012 Mythology The Next Chapter

The work of The Long Blue Wall and the Conspiracy Movement will ensure that history looks back on our society as one where the people had a real belief in a major event which would happen in 2012.

The next phase in writing our future 2012 mythology is to build a belief that something did actually happen. Preparations for this are currently under way.

I was over in Germany at The Long Blue Wall recently and I was talking with Beth and Max who are two of our authors who write the conspiracy theories. They were going through data from the International Astronomical Union looking for anything unusual which they could use to construct a believable scenario.

There was a supernova with an unusual chemistry and also a distant interstellar dust cloud with a particularly high density of particles. Max was theorising about how these astronomical events could potentially interact with Humans to cause a physical change and a sudden evolution of the brain. The cause of these events could then be traced back to 2012 and be used to explain the rise in technological advancement which is about to transform life on earth for Humans.

Max is a skilled physicist who can provide enough technical detail to give the story a ring of truth, but also sufficiently complicated to not be properly understood by most everyday people. Max has been a central figure in our ‘9-11 Inside Job’ campaign and his input can be seen with the different theories of how the twin towers were supposedly destroyed.

Beth’s the professor of history and comparative religion who advises Hollywood movie studios on convincing story lines. It was Beth who explained to me how David Icke’s mythology had been put together using a well known template popular in fictional writing and story telling.

Whichever scenario is chosen to explain the birth of our new technological society it won’t be reliant on hard facts or irrefutable evidence, but instead on gossip, whispers, and information which will be provided by the websites and spokesmen of the modern-day Conspiracy Movement.

The source of that gossip and information will of course be people like Beth and Max at The Long Blue Wall who for more than 25 years have been quietly creating beliefs and promoting a worldview which is designed to prepare our minds for massive changes to life we’re about to see in the coming Technological Era.

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