David Icke Spills The Beans Early On

Do you remember David Icke before he became the King of Conspiracy Theories?

No, not when he was a professional football player. Nor when he was a sports presenter on national TV. And not even when he was a spokesman for the Green Party in the UK.

I’m talking about his ‘in-between’ period when he appeared on the Terry Wogan talk show dressed in a turquoise tracksuit and proclaimed to be the son of God. His host mocked him, the audience laughed at him, and the mainstream media licked their lips as they began their long running campaign to ridicule him.

Little did most people know at the time (including myself) that his appearance and subsequent mocking on prime time TV was a deliberate action organised by the members of The Long Blue Wall to create an important element of the future mythology of David Icke.

When David Icke appeared on the talk show in 1991, it wasn’t to promote conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, but instead to discuss his recently published book The Truth Vibrations.

The Truth Vibrations

The book borrowed heavily from ‘New Age’ philosophy and outlined a complete spiritual worldview of who we are and where we came from, and an answer to various phenomena and mysteries such as life after death, crop circles, and UFOs.

On the face of it the subject matter of The Truth Vibrations was totally different to that of the conspiracy theories which he later became famous for, but the underlying purpose was the same – to provide a cover story for the massive changes to society we’re about to see in the upcoming Technological Era.

A Time of Dramatic Change

Technological advancement is about to change society as never before. These changes include a complete upheaval of our global infrastructure and our established institutions such as the oil industry, the banking industry, and even our systems of government. Every one of our major institutions is about to be upgraded, re-invented or totally rebuilt to new versions now made possible because of technology.

David Icke claimed that the messages about these changes which he outlined in The Truth Vibrations were passed to him in the form of prophecies by various supernatural beings and extra-terrestrials. He said –

“The earth and humanity are in the process of transformation…I have offered to you what I was asked to produce, a basic explanation of the imminent transformation of life on earth.”

David Icke

This transformation of life on earth is all because of technology and will have a major impact on our normal everyday lives as we see the introduction of a new monetary system; new methods to produce our food; new ways of treating illness and disease; and new ways of sourcing our energy.

Education, law and order, transport, communication, media and governments will all see radical changes and total upheavals. And even our borders and territories will be redrawn as the current geographical areas of influence become outdated in the new age of a technologically connected world.

The Prophecies

The following is a selection of the prophesied messages which David Icke outlined in The Truth Vibrations. Each message predicts the end to a particular institution, and each one has it’s own corresponding conspiracy theories which he’s gone on to promote in his later works.

“The implications of the upheavals will see the world financial system collapse”

This refers to a new tech-based monetary system which we’re about to introduce in our new society of the Technological Era.

Our current monetary system of Fiat currency has it’s value set by governments and central banks through the use of interest rates. Our new tech-based monetary system of Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency will have it’s value determined by computer processing power.

The consequences of changing to a fundamentally different way of giving value to our money will have major repercussions to our current banking institutions and to the global economy.

There are many Conspiracy theories designed to prepare us for an end to our current system. They include the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.

It will be necessary for a different style of government to be established….. every nation will go through political transformation.”

Technology now allows for a new system of government to replace our current system of representative democracy.

Political systems have regularly changed throughout our history to one which suits the time period and the needs of the people. The upcoming Technological Era will be no different.

New forms of government already being discussed include –

  • Technocracy – The rule by leaders chosen for their technical expertise
  • Noocracy – Decision making by a ‘Global Collective Brain’
  • Cyberocracy – Instant action from the collection of real time surveillance and information
  • Automated Government through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • One World Government in tune with our interconnected global community

There are many conspiracy theories designed to prepare us for a new system of government. The Conspiracy Movement continually attacks our current system of Democracy, it’s major political parties, and their individual leaders and elected members.

The sea spirits will rise and stop men taking oil…the oil industry will soon be history”

The burning of fossil fuels has no place in the coming Technological Era, and new advances will see a variety of tech-based options available to provide our future energy needs.

The consequences of ending the Oil and Petrochemical Industries will see one of the greatest changes to our normal daily lives, and will also see a major shift in global power and influence which the Conspiracy Movement is also preparing us for with it’s New World Order conspiracy.

Surgery with a knife will be outmoded. Cutting bits out of people, organ transplantation, toxic drug therapy is the medical dark ages.”

3D-printed replacement organs, Gene therapy for DNA transplants, and nano-robots to attack disease have already been developed. New tech-based ways of treating illness and disease will dramatically reduce the influence of the pharmaceutical industry in the same way as that of other major institutions such as the oil and banking industries.

Conspiracy theories such as vaccines, big pharma and the suppression of alternative medical treatments are all designed to undermine our current medical and healthcare industry.

So was David Icke really receiving messages from the spirit world about the huge changes in our coming new society? And is it really just a coincidence that these prophesies match the predictions he now makes as a leading spokesperson of the Conspiracy Movement?

The answer of course is no.

The predictions and warnings of the modern day Conspiracy Movement are based on the work done by the many universities, institutions and global think tanks whose job is to study future trends and their impact on society.

These studies and reports are then used by the members of the Long Blue Wall to construct stories, mythologies, beliefs and a worldview which will negate the psychological effects on the public of the huge changes we’re about to experience.

These mythologies, beliefs and worldviews are then passed on in the form of conspiracy theories and ‘alternative news’ to the growing number of activists, authors and websites who have become the voices of the modern day Conspiracy Movement – most of whom are totally unaware of the real purpose of the supposed inside information with which they are being supplied.

The success of this PR campaign in the growth of the modern day Conspiracy Movement since the early days of David Icke matches one more prophesy given to him, as also outlined in The Truth Vibrations –

Those of you who are at the forefront of this, you are rather like a snowplough. You are the thin end of the wedge….make some space behind you to make it easier for the others.

The Truth Vibrations 1991

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