Why The New World Order Hang Bicycles On Their Wall

Every single conspiracy theory promoted by the modern day Conspiracy Movement is connected to the impact of technological advancement and the changes to society we’re about to see in the upcoming Technological Era.

The New World Order conspiracy is a classic example of this.

The New World Order conspiracy is also a good example of one of the many propaganda techniques used by the organised PR campaign of The Long Blue Wall.

“Fear is what controls us”

David Icke

The use of scare tactics and fear mongering is a major tool of the Conspiracy Movement, but whereas the New World Order conspiracy does have a basis in reality, it’s not actually a plan for world domination by an evil group of bad guys, but simply a natural consequence of ongoing technological advancement.

In fact, the only people who should be scared of the New World Order….are the Old World Order.

So How is the New World Order conspiracy about new Technology?

We all love new tech don’t we? But it’s not just about having cool new toys to play with. Technological progress is changing how we do everything we need to do as Humans.

Not only is tech redefining how we do our everyday things such as shopping, banking, socialising and communicating, it’s also changing how we do our really big important things – like how we grow our food, how we define our currencies, how we harness energy, and how we treat illness and disease.

And as we make these high-tech changes to the infrastructure of life on earth, the companies who develop the new technologies will find themselves having greater influence on global affairs, and the old traditional institutions will find themselves more and more on the sidelines looking in.

This will be the New World Order of global influence and power, with the tech companies at the top table, and this is the actual reality of the claims made by the conspiracy movement.

Muscling in on the Old World Order

The tech companies of the New World Order do things differently to the institutions of the Old World Order.

New World Order Campus

Their attitude to work is different. They don’t wear suits; their HQ is called a campus rather than a ‘Head Office’; they have open plan work-spaces with play areas and rest-pods to replace stuffy offices and boardrooms; they decorate with yellows, blues and reds rather than with dark panelled wood; they hang BMX bikes on their wall instead of oil paintings by the Masters; and they address their CEO by their first name of Steve, Mark or Elon rather than by ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr Chairman’.

But their new way of doing things is not confined to the working environment. The tech companies are also transforming everything else that humans do – from buying a book, driving a car and taking a holiday – to producing our food, curing disease, and regulating the global economy.

Tech Companies Take Over the World

The global advance by the tech companies is evident everywhere –

Retail : Amazon is a tech company, yet it’s become the world’s largest bookseller.

Recruitment : Linkedin is a tech company, yet is the world’s favourite networking site for professional recruitment and employment.

Advertising : Facebook is a tech company, yet it’s data-driven method of targeted advertising has changed the industry forever.

Travel and Tourism : Airbnb is a tech company and is now a major player in the travel and tourism industry.

Transport : Uber, Tesla, Google and SpaceX are all tech companies, yet are leading the way in how we use personal transport.

Communication : Skype is a tech company, and a leader in global communications. Amazon, Facebook and SpaceX will soon be launching satellites to provide global internet access and connectivity.

Taking On the Establishment

History has shown that whoever has access to the fundamental resources has the power – and the fundamental resource now is technological know-how.

One of the main roles of the Conspiracy Movement is as a fake Anti-Establishment protest campaign. It’s job is to call for the downfall of our global institutions to allow them to be rebuilt as new high-tech versions.

The institutions who currently hold global influence and power will all be replaced, partnered by, or heavily influenced by the tech companies who build and manage the new systems.

Law and Order : A wake-up call to the Establishment came after the 9-11 attacks as the  FBI, the principal law enforcement agency of the United States, reached out to a tech company for help.

Acxiom is a data mining company, and it was from their servers that the first clues were found, and a digital footprint was obtained to identify and link the suspects.

Facial recognition developed by Amazon is now being used by police forces, and brain-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our judicial system.

Farming and Agriculture : The greatest change to how Humans produce food since the agricultural revolution.

Cattle farming will make way for Lab-Grown Meat and 3D Bio-Printing. The promotion of Veganism is one of many marketing strategies to forward public acceptance of these new methods.

Robot controlled mega greenhouses which produce high-yield, disease resistant crops will massively dent the huge influence of the Petrochemical industry which produces our fertilisers and pesticides.

The Banks : The power and influence of the old world banks is one of the favourite topics of the Conspiracy Movement as it encourages their downfall in preparation of a new tech-based monetary system.

The new crypto-currencies have their value determined by computer processing power rather than by a physical commodity such as Gold or by the tweaking of interest rates by governments and central banks.

The secrecy and mystery surrounding the creator of Bitcoin suggests the hidden hand of the central banks and/or governments, and a pro-active coalition with computer programmers to ensure they retain control of the new tech-based global monetary system.

The Oil Industry : There’s no place for the burning of fossil fuels in the new Technological Era, and the hugely powerful oil industry will soon become heavily dependant on new tech-based forms of energy.

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry : Another hugely powerful institution which is attacked by the Conspiracy Movement as it prepares us for it’s massive upheaval.

Nanotechnology, gene therapy and DNA manipulation will see a fundamental change to the way we treat illness and disease, and a huge blow to the drug empire of the powerful pharmaceutical companies.

3D-printed body parts and regenerative technology will negate the need for organ donors, whilst phone apps to detect cancer, control artificial limbs, or provide eyesight for the blind are already in use. The huge number of Superhero movies currently made by Hollywood is allowing society to accept these technological leaps as normal.

Politics and Government The cornerstone of any Anti-Establishment campaign – and the Conspiracy Movement is no different as it prepares us for huge changes to our systems of politics and government.

The ‘old school tie’ political parties will soon be replaced by new digital and tech-inspired parties who will lobby on the use of technology for problem solving and transformation.

Within 30 years the President of the United States is likely to be chosen not on their family lineage but on their understanding of underlying technological systems.

And new technology will even make it possible to replace the Western World’s favoured system of government, representative democracy. A global connected brain of Noocracy; the instant reaction to real time data of Cyberocracy; or just an updated version of our present system to one of direct voting by the people are all systems which are now possible because of technology and are currently being considered.

The Purpose of the New World Order Conspiracy

The Conspiracy Movement is the largest social management campaign in the history of mankind, with the purpose of managing the negative impact on society of the upcoming Technological Era.

The New World Order conspiracy is based on the inevitable influence of technological progress on global affairs, and is repackaged as evidence of an evil cabal who’s aim is world domination and the enslavement of Mankind using technology.

As new technology becomes ever more pervasive and the tech companies continue to gain global influence and power, the Conspiracy Movement will proclaim that their predictions of the New World Order have been correct.

Confirmation bias will kick in, and our human need for answers and explanations to how our world came to be will continue to be provided by the Conspiracy Movement.

The psychological comfort blanket which hopes to lessen our collective sense of future shock in the upcoming Technological Era will continue to serve it’s purpose, and the marketing campaign which hopes to benefit the whole of society will be seen to be a success.

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