The Eye and Pyramid Our New Unifying Symbols

If you’ve been searching the Internet to find out why pop stars and celebrities use the symbols of The Eye and The Pyramid, you’ll have been told that it’s a sign of the evil Illuminati who secretly rule the world and who want to enslave Mankind.

However this is simply not true, and it’s a belief which has been totally made up by the Conspiracy Movement and encouraged by people such as myself who are working on the organised PR campaign of The Long Blue Wall.

The actual reason for pop stars making these symbols is to use the power of celebrity endorsement to encourage the general public to adopt the symbols and to start using them for ourselves.

The Eye and The Pyramid Our New Unifying Symbols
The Public Adopts The Eye and The Pyramid

And it’s working. We’ve started to wear The Eye and The Pyramid on our clothes and as jewellery. We have them marked on our bodies as tattoos. And we have them displayed in our homes as artwork and posters.

The Eye and The Pyramid symbols are becoming a normal and familiar sight in our everyday lives – and this is the whole point.

Society Adopts The Eye and The Pyramid

The Conspiracy Movement exists to psychologically prepare us for the huge changes in our everyday lives which we’re about to see in the upcoming Technological Era. The public adoption of The Eye and The Pyramid is a part of that campaign.

The Eye and The Pyramid will replace the Crucifix as our common-place cultural symbols of the Western World. This is a deliberate action by our leaders and institutions who are responsible for a well ordered society, and it’s the reason why popular culture is being used as the vehicle to ensure the widespread acceptance of these symbols.

Our New Unifying Symbols

Our previous cultural unifying symbols of the Western World
New York 1956

All societies use symbols to represent their own particular culture and the people who live there. This has always been the case, and familiar current examples are The Star and Crescent, the Star of David, and the Crucifix.

Symbols are displayed on buildings, on TV and in public spaces to indicate that it’s a place with a certain set of shared values, customs and beliefs. The symbols act on our subconscious as a familiar and comforting presence and they provide an underlying sense of group identity and belonging which is important to the collective well being of the society.

The symbols of The Eye and The Pyramid have been chosen to represent the people and the culture of our new society of the coming Technological Era and will soon be a regular fixture and a constant presence in our normal everyday lives.

The Meaning of the Eye and the Pyramid

Symbols don’t have any inherent meaning. Their meaning evolves and develops over time as they become associated with the actions and beliefs of the people who use them.

Technology is about to transform every aspect of our daily life, and we will soon be creating new laws, developing new rules of social conduct and agreeing to new moral and ethical codes on how we should live our lives.

The Eye and The Pyramid will act as a subconscious reminder of the social and cultural rules present in our daily environment of the Technological Era.

It’s Not The Illuminati

The Eye and The Pyramid are not a sign of The Illuminati. This is a belief which has been deliberately propagated by the Conspiracy Movement.

The widespread belief in The Illuminati has been created as part of the PR campaign of the Conspiracy Movement. It is a modern day retelling of the mythology of the Devil and it provides a crucial element of a new shared belief system which aims to utilise the positive aspects of a group religious belief.

The historians, sociologists and academics at The Long Blue Wall who construct our modern day conspiracy theories have the required knowledge of the previous societies who have also used these symbols, and have used this knowledge to spin a narrative which they’ve put forward as evidence of the historical presence of the Illuminati.

Puppets of the Illuminati

Puppets of The Illuminati, a new version of the mythological army of demons

The use of pop stars to push these symbols to the public is a clever use of celebrity endorsement, but it also provides a secondary function as an important element in The Illuminati mythology.

The belief in The Illuminati has been sold to us in the same way as the belief in the Devil was to our previous society. It is an exact carbon copy of our previous cultural bad-guy, and each character trait of the Devil has also been updated to a new modern version.

The Puppets of The Illuminati is a direct replacement for the Army of Demons of the Devil. They provide a group of subordinates for our new mythological bad guy to call upon for help with his acts of evil.

The use of The Eye and The Pyramid symbols by these pop stars is designed to encourage their adoption by the general public, but is reported by the Conspiracy Movement as them showing their allegiance to their masters. This claim is used to reinforce the mythology of The Illuminati.

Promoting Our New Symbols

Promoting The Pyramid
The Pyramid Stage at the popular Glastonbury Music Festival

Our new cultural symbols of The Eye and The Pyramid are being pushed to us through mainstream popular culture such as Music Videos, Hollywood Movies, Video Games and Websites.

The Conspiracy Movement promotes them further by bringing them to our attention, whilst at the same time continuing to build the mythology of The Illuminati. It even has it’s own very prominent website totally dedicated to this part of it’s PR campaign.

The members of The Long Blue Wall who drive the Conspiracy Movement work on behalf of our leaders and organisations who are responsible for a well ordered society, and it’s these influential connections which allows for a mutually beneficial arrangement between themselves and the owners and money men of the Hollywood movie studios, record companies and fashion houses.

It’s this relationship which allows for instructions and direction to be passed down from the high ranking executives who run our entertainment industry, to the producers who make the films and videos, on to the stylists and set designers who decide how it looks, and finally to the artist who has little or no say in the style and substance of the production.

Well, you didn’t really think Beyonce was a Satanist did you?

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