The Real Reasons for The Conspiracy Movement

After that first visit to the Long Blue Wall and the realisation that the Conspiracy Movement itself was the actual conspiracy, I had to admit to a great deal of admiration for what was to be the greatest PR and marketing campaign I had ever been involved with.

Later that night Jez told me more about the purpose of the modern day Conspiracy Movement and how it’s run as a social management program using all the tricks of an organised PR campaign.

And I was fascinated to hear that it’s all about the impact of Technology ….

Humans Enter The Technological Era

Technology is about to change our world like never before. And we’re not just talking about the latest cool gadgets.

Over the coming few decades Human civilisation will be transformed far greater than at any other time in our history.

Our global infrastructure is about to be totally overhauled as technological advancement finds new ways to do everything we need as Humans.

New methods to produce our food, new ways to treat illness and disease, a new monetary system, new sources of energy, and new methods to detect crime are just a few areas of our everyday lives which will fundamentally change in our coming new society.

Our social and political landscape will also be redefined with the birth of new social classes; a new global power structure; and even new concepts of countries, territories and borders.

But with such huge changes to society will also come problems for the people.

This Time We’ll Be Ready.

The historians, sociologists and psychologists who study the impact of social upheaval have learned the lessons from previous major events such as the Industrial Revolution and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

These upheavals resulted in large numbers of people suffering negative psychological effects because they were not mentally prepared for the sudden dramatic changes to their everyday lives, and the psychological and emotional impact on these individuals had a wider knock-on effect for the rest of society.

The changes we’re about to experience are far greater than anything which has gone before, and our leaders and organisations who are responsible for an ordered, well-run society have decided that this time we need to be better prepared.

The Job of the Conspiracy Movement

The job of the Conspiracy Movement is to prepare our minds for the huge changes to our everyday lives that we’re about to experience in the coming Technological Era.

It has a four-point plan to achieve this.

  1. Act as an Anti-Establishment protest campaign to encourage the end of our established institutions
  2. Create a worldview and belief system to act as a new invisible religion
  3. Create the mythologies for our new future society
  4. Prepare us for a period of social disruption as we make the change to our new world of the Technological Era

1. Create a Fake Anti-Establishment Protest Campaign

The first role of the Conspiracy Movement is as an Anti-Establishment protest campaign to force a demand for the necessary changes to our global institutions.

All of our established institutions such as our banking industry, our medical industry, our traditional media, the food industry, our system of law and order, our education industry, and even our system of government will soon be upgraded, rebuilt or totally replaced by new versions which are now possible due to technological advancement.

Conspiracy theories designed for this purpose include –

  • Rothschild / Fiat Currency / Federal Reserve / Bank of England
  • The Police / FBI / Intelligence Agencies
  • Vaccines / Medical industry
  • The BBC / Fox News / CNN
  • Education Industry / Brainwashing Children
  • NASA / Moon Landing Hoax
  • New World Order
  • Freemasons / Secret Societies
  • Collapse of Borders

2. Create a New Invisible Religion

The second major role of the Conspiracy Movement is to create a belief system and worldview which will provide a psychological comfort blanket for life in our upcoming new society, whilst at the same time avoiding the stigma and negative associations of a traditional bricks and mortar organised religion.

Conspiracy Theories to create this belief system include –

  • Ancient Aliens / DNA
  • The Illuminati (plus Satanism, Mind Control and Illuminati Puppets)
  • The Eye and the Pyramid / Symbology
  • 21st December 2012

Further Conspiracy Theories to turn us against our current dominant belief system include –

  • The Pope / Vatican
  • The Jesuits
  • Zeitgeist the Movie
  • Sun Worship

3. Write the Mythologies for our New Future Society

The third role of the Conspiracy Movement is to write the future mythologies for life in our new society of the upcoming Technological Era.

Mythology may seem old fashioned and unnecessary in our modern world but experts know it is crucial to all well-functioning societies.

Mythologies provide a framework of simple to understand stories to explain how the society was formed and the rules and collective agreement on how we should co-exist and live our lives. Mythologies establish the shared values and customs of the people.

The modern Western World has used the stories from the bible as their cultural signposts, but these now need replacing as they become outdated and irrelevant to our coming new world.

The Conspiracy Movement is busy creating our future mythologies by promoting alternative versions of historical events with the added necessary mythological elements of Good v Evil; the presence of supernatural magical powers; and Hero figures who help to shape the new world.

Our future mythological stories will include –

  • The destruction of the giant twin towers by our evil leaders
  • The overthrow of the Illuminati and the release of their secret suppressed technology
  • 2012 as the event of the Great Transformation
  • The murder of a beautiful Princess by her evil in-laws
  • The origins of the Georgia Guidestones
  • David Icke’s legendary journey to Peru and his quest to save the world

4. Prepare for Social Unrest

The final role of the Conspiracy Movement is to prepare us for a period of social disruption which is a certainty in the coming decades.

But this social unrest is not because of a planned global takeover by the bad guys as promoted by the Conspiracy Movement, but instead because of the natural consequences of the introduction of major new technologies to any given society.

Cultural Lag Cars versus horse and carriage

Cultural Lag will be a major problem in the coming years as our infrastructure, legislation and public acceptance can’t keep pace with all the new technology, and will result in widespread social disharmony and conflict between different groups. The problems caused by the arrival of the motor car on roads designed for the horse and carriage is a classic example of Cultural Lag, but this will be dwarfed by the challenges faced by the scale and speed of our current changes.

“We are morphing so fast that our ability to invent new things outpaces the rate we can civilise them.”

Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired

Future Shock is a psychological condition as outlined by Futurist and author Alvin Toffler in his book of the same name.

Most of us have already experienced some form of future shock as we become angry and frustrated with the technology now needed in our everyday lives. But as others find it increasingly difficult to properly function in a tech-centred world they will instead choose to check-out completely and to live their lives outside of mainstream society – again with widespread implications for the rest of the community.

Future Shock effects on society

The homeless epidemic in the Western World is the first real sign of widespread future shock, as people find it impossible to deal with the everyday things such as utilities, job applications, and banking.

Bank Closures and Economic Collapse The Conspiracy Movement has been preparing us for the introduction of a new tech-based monetary system by it’s negative propaganda about our current system of Fiat currency.

Our crossover to a new monetary system will see savings and investments lose their value. The widespread loss of wealth will be felt for many generations, with prolonged anger and protest an almost certainty.

Job Losses The impact of technology on our future job market is well documented and will have major repercussions for many of our traditional industries.

Truck drivers and taxi drivers will soon be replaced by autonomous transport, and the farming and animal livestock industry will be massively affected by new ways to produce our food.

Large sections of society without the skill-sets to retrain will become unemployable, resulting in widespread protests, financial hardship, and economic strain on governments.

The conspiracy theories designed to give us advanced warning of these many social problems reflect the precautions being taken by the various authorities and their attitude of  ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ –

  • Martial law
  • Civil Unrest
  • FEMA
  • Period of Chaos
  • Police State

The Long Blue Wall

For the past 20 years I have been a member of an organised public relations campaign which has helped to spread a belief in all the conspiracy theories which I’ve mentioned above….and plenty of others too.

We call this campaign ‘The Long Blue Wall’ which is our nickname for the display boards on which we organise our strategy at our HQ on a university campus somewhere in Germany.

This website is the inside story of this PR campaign. I will be explaining more about the purpose of the modern day Conspiracy Movement, the role of the individual conspiracy theories, some of the key people involved, and the PR and marketing techniques which we use to sell the beliefs.

I’ll also be telling you why I’m going public with my story, and how our beliefs and opinions become so strong and so ingrained that my colleagues at The Long Blue Wall are happy for me to do so.

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