The New Religion Hidden in Plain Sight

One of the main teachings of the Conspiracy Movement is of the plans by the bad guys to create a new global religion.

However, what most people don’t realise is that it’s the Conspiracy Movement itself which is being used for promoting the beliefs and creating the worldview of this exact same religion.

And this new global religion is not being created by an evil secretive group who are intent on world domination, but instead by our current leaders and organisations who are responsible for a well-ordered society and who have long understood the benefits of a common shared belief system.

A Tried and Tested Template

As we begin our move to our new society of the Technological Era a new major religion is being developed for the Western World to replace our current dominant religion of Christianity.

“The traditional churches have put forward their view for 1500 years. I am offering another view. People must decide which they choose to believe.”

David Icke, The Truth Vibrations.

The method used to create this new global religion is a simple one. Use the success of our current dominant belief system as a template and simply update the different elements to new versions which can be accepted to our modern mindset and our current level of knowledge.

We can no longer allow ourselves to believe in the story of Adam and Eve – but we can definitely believe in a story involving Aliens and genetic modification of DNA.

  • Alien DNA will replace Adam and Eve as our new Story of Creation
  • The Illuminati will replace the Devil as the new cause of evil and the new common enemy to Mankind
  • The Eye and the Pyramid will replace the Crucifix and Fish as our new unifying symbols
  • 21st December 2012 will replace the birth of Jesus as the start date and anchor point for our new society and our new united belief system
  • Meditation will replace prayer as the new preferred method for connecting with a universal supernatural power

Ancient Aliens – Our New Story of Creation

Alien Manipulation of DNA to Replace Adam and Eve as Our New Creation Myth

We all know the story by now. Once upon a time in our distant past, Aliens visited planet Earth and genetically modified a previous species of Human in order to create Modern Man.

This will be our new Story of Creation to replace the one of Adam and Eve from the bible.

All cultures and societies have a myth of Human origin, and our future society of the Technological Era will be no different. The mythology usually has human-like characters and the nature of the story always reflects fundamental aspects of the particular society.

Our Human-looking creator this time has been provided by a long running marketing campaign to successfully make us believe in Aliens of Humanoid form.

And the use of genetic modification of DNA will be accepted as plausible and realistic to our level of thinking in our new high-tech society.

The Illuminati – Our New Mythological Bad Guy

All religions have a mythological figure who is hostile and destructive and a common enemy to Mankind. Our old religion had the Devil and our new religion has it’s modern equivalent of The Illuminati.

Continuing the theme of an evil shape-shifting serpent The Illuminati has been developed as a modern version of the Devil who spreads it’s evil not through the use of magic and sorcery as seen in the stories of the bible, but instead by it’s modern equivalent of secret advanced technology.

The Eye and the Pyramid – Our New Unifying Symbols

The symbols chosen for our new modern-day religion will be the Eye and the Pyramid.

Symbols are used to represent a shared set of values, customs and outlook on life of the people of that particular community. The Eye and the Pyramid will be the new unifying symbols for the people of our new society in the upcoming Technological Era.

The Eye and the Pyramid will become a normal everyday sight in our new society in the same way as the Crucifix once was in the Western World, and they will play the same role of acting on our subconscious as a constant reminder of the type of people we are and of how we live our lives.

The Eye and The Pyramid, our new unifying symbols for our new society of the coming Technological Era
Our New Unifying Symbols For Life in Our Coming New Society

These symbols are being sold to us using product placement and celebrity endorsement in the world of fashion, music and Hollywood movies, and the Conspiracy Movement is ensuring they come to our attention which will result in us adopting them as our own.

Our new unifying symbols are now commonly worn as clothing, jewellery and tattoos, and are displayed in our homes as artwork and decoration in the same way as the Crucifix once was.

2012 The Start Date of the New Religion

Most of us will remember how the year 2012, and more precisely the date of 21st December 2012, was pushed at us far more than any of the other doomsday predictions which we’ve seen over the years. And there’s a very good reason why.

December 21st 2012 has been chosen as the anchor point and start date of our new belief system for life in the upcoming Technological Era. It will replace the birth of Jesus from our current major religion as the fundamental event to signal the time of change from the old world to the new.

Popular culture such as Hollywood movies, TV shows, The New Age Movement, and of course the Conspiracy Movement, ensured that the date was firmly embedded in our collective consciousness as a time of great change and transformation.

The day itself passed without incident, as it was always going to, but plans are already in place for the Conspiracy Movement to start drip-feeding information which will develop a common belief that something of significance did actually take place.

In our future society the 21st December 2012 will be acknowledged as the start date of the Technological Era.

Our New Method to Contact God

The Conspiracy Movement and it’s spiritual side-kick of The Truth Movement (not to be confused with another of it’s off-shoots, the 9-11 Truth Movement) are continuing the work of the Counter Culture Movement of the 60s and the New Age Movement of the 80s by developing a new idea of God to replace the old one of the Western World which is seen as outdated and unfashionable.

Our old idea of an omnipresent universal energy which we can contact and communicate with through the ritual of prayer is being replaced by one which we can contact and communicate with through the ritual of meditation.

Contacting the Omnipresent Universal Energy

Our sitting position has been adjusted from kneeling to sitting cross-legged, and our hands are no longer clasped together but are held out in front with our palms pointing upwards.

Our natural Human desire to interact with supernatural beings of a higher power can continue to be fulfilled without the stigma and association of an organised religion.

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