The Illuminati Our New Modern Version of the Devil

One of the greatest successes of the Conspiracy Movement has been to make us believe in The Illuminati. For many people in the Western World the existence of The Illuminati is now every bit as real as the existence of the Devil was to previous generations.

The mythology of The Illuminati has been developed to provide us with a new bad guy and a new common enemy for our new global religion. The writers, historians and psychologists of The Long Blue Wall have simply updated the now outdated story of the Devil to a new modern version which we can find acceptable to our current mindset and level of thinking.

The Illuminati is now our new mythological devil. It is our new cultural bogeyman, the cause of evil and the common enemy to Mankind.

Shape Shifting

The Devil was said to come in many forms with the ability to change appearance to other creatures. The Illuminati can also do this as they swap between their Reptilian and Human forms.

In mythology and story telling, Shape shifting creatures are designed to be feared. From our earliest stories to our latest Hollywood movies, our fictional tales are full of characters with the ability to change form from one creature to another.

Werewolves, vampires, witches and wizards, Gods, Goddesses and various spirits are all present in stories and myths from around the world. Modern takes on the theme include creatures from Lord of the Rings, Dune, Harry Potter, Dr Who, Star Trek, Transformers and The Terminator.

When we give a character the ability to shapeshift and take on a different form it elevates the creature to a supernatural level beyond that of Humans and it triggers a natural fear of a creature which is more powerful and superior to ourselves.

Fear of Reptilians

The mythologies of the Devil and of The Illuminati make use of our instinctive fear of snakes.

For many mammals the ability to recognise and fear snakes is rooted in their evolution, and even as toddlers we Humans instinctively pick out images of snakes. Many societies have made use of this ingrained fear by casting their mythological enemy in reptilian form, such as a snake, dragon or lizard.

Our current dominant religion made use of this psychological device to trigger fear by depicting their adversary as an evil serpent, whilst the fictional enemy of our new belief system avoids the obvious comparison to the biblical snake by choosing to use the term ‘Reptilian’.

The Role of the Bad Guy

The Illuminati Mythology as our new common enemy

“Mass movements can rise and spread without a belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.”

Eric Hoffer – The True Believer

The Illuminati are a direct replacement for the outdated mythology of the Devil, and will serve the same purpose to our future society and our future leaders as that of the many other cultures and religions who have their own version of an evil malevolent force.

  • Social control. The use of fear is a well-used tool in most societies. Fearful people are malleable people as they look to others for guidance and safety from the perceived threat.
  • The cause of Evil. Fulfils the psychological need for quick easy answers to the reasons for events such as natural disasters, premature deaths and the cruel actions of other Humans.
  • Provides a yardstick from which a society measures it’s collective morals and values
  • Gives us a shared common enemy and a mechanism to promote social bonding

Magic and Sorcery

No mythological bogeyman would be complete without the use of magic, sorcery or supernatural power to commit their evil deeds.

The necessary inclusion of magical powers is provided for the Illuminati mythology by their use of secret advanced technology. With their modern-day box of magic tricks the Illuminati are said to cause widespread natural disasters, control the weather, cause buildings to collapse, and to program the population with microchips and energy-waves.

Army of Demons

Puppets of the Illuminati, the new army of demons
The Puppets of The Illuminati : the new Army of Demons

The Devil had an army of demons to help him commit his acts of evil, and his modern equivalent has it’s own group of helpers labelled as Puppets of the Illuminati.

The conspiracy movement teaches that the Puppets of the Illuminati show allegiance to their masters by their use of the Eye and Pyramid symbols.

The reality is that the use of pop stars, music videos and popular culture is a clever use of product placement and celebrity endorsement to encourage us to adopt the new unifying symbols for our new common belief system in the coming technological era.

Satanic Worship

The name of Satan is firmly embedded in our collective consciousness as a demonic figure and something to be feared. The mythology of The Illuminati plays on this association by portraying them as followers and worshippers of our previous evil enemy.

Demonic Possession

MK Ultra and Mind Control programs are used as a modern version of Demonic poccession

The promotion of the use of Mind Control programs is as a new updated version of the belief in Possession by the Devil

The idea of demonic possession by the Devil has been replaced by it’s new version of mind control programming by the Illuminati.

Many cultures and religions have a mythology of evil spirits entering a person and controlling their behaviour and actions.

The Conspiracy Movement provides a modern updated version of this belief with the use of secret technology and techniques of mind control in order to commit acts of evil such as terrorist attacks and mass shootings.

Creating the Mythology

The mythology of the Devil was developed by the early Christian church as an amalgamation of various characters from the Old Testament such as Satan, Beelzebub and Lucifer.

These different entities were mixed together and re-branded as the Devil which we came to know in Western society.

The mythology of The Illuminati has also been created from a mix of sources and re-branded as a single entity.

A Bavarian secret society, an intergalactic race of reptilian alien visitors, and a series of satirical novels are some of the sources which provide material to form the single mythology of the modern day Illuminati.

Spreading the Word and Creating the Belief

Fear is what controls us

David Icke

The existence of the Devil was promoted as part of the overall worldview of our previous dominant religion in the western world.

This worldview was taught by a small exclusive group of spokesmen who shared their secret inside knowledge from a special book which only they had access to.

The existence of the Illuminati is also taught by a small exclusive group of spokesmen. They too share their secret inside information from their own special book of knowledge in the form of conspiracy theories passed down to them from their mysterious insider contacts which again, only they have access to.

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