David Icke Fictional Hero of the Conspiracy Movement

I’ve never actually met David Icke but I did go to one of his talks once with Beth who writes some of his conspiracy theories.

Beth works at The Long Blue Wall and is an expert in comparative mythology. She regularly works as an adviser to Hollywood movie studios, and she’s a central figure in constructing the stories which will be used as the new mythologies for our new society of the upcoming Technological Era.

These mythologies include The Illuminati as our new cultural bogeyman; the deliberate destruction of the giant twin towers by our evil leaders; the beautiful Princess who was murdered by her wicked in-laws; and the great change of 2012 which ushered in our new world of the Technological Era.

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The show was at Brixton Academy in 2005 and we were there to see David talk about his new theory of The Moon Matrix which Beth and her colleagues had put together. It’s an updated version of our old mythology where the moon influences our behaviours and actions. This is where the stories of werewolves, witches and lunatics came from.

The new modern twist on the story sees the moon as a spacecraft emitting certain frequencies to directly affect our behaviour and actions. Beth wanted to see how the audience reacted so she could tweak any later versions.

During the show David talked about his now famous trip to Peru where he’d stood on a hill and been overcome by a powerful energy. I mentioned to Beth that I wasn’t aware of this story despite having read many of his books up till then.

She laughed and said there’s a good reason why I hadn’t heard the story. It’s totally made up and had only just been included in his more recent books. It was added to his earlier experiences in order to complete a mythological story line which has a natural appeal to the Human mindset.

Beth explained that David Icke’s story was deliberately constructed to follow a classic template which is used by Hollywood movies, TV shows and works of literature. The template makes the story exciting, believable and appealing to our inner-selves.

David Icke Hero's Journey

The template used to construct the mythology of David Icke is called the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero receives a call to action, maybe from a messenger, or a letter, or in a dream etc. He goes on an adventure to a strange new land on a quest to find an object or an answer. He encounters a magical or supernatural world where he fulfils his quest and then returns home as a new person with a life-transforming gift or power which he will use for the greater good.

David Icke Hero’s Journey

David is led to a psychic where he’s told by the spirits that he would “go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets”. He is drawn to the far away land of Peru where he is overwhelmed by a great energy. From this moment he has the ability to discover knowledge and information. He returns home to fulfil his destiny of revealing great secrets to the world and to save Mankind from enslavement by an evil enemy called the Illuminati.

Part 1 : The Departure From the Ordinary World

Our first meeting with the Hero

1. The Ordinary World.

Our first introduction to the Hero. They’re an ordinary everyday person, living an ordinary everyday life. They’re usually seen on their own and have often lost their parents. They feel there’s something missing from their lives. They’re unsure what it is but there’s some kind of unrest, stagnation or desire to do something else.

David Icke The Ordinary World
We First Meet The Hero : They’re Alone and Feel An Unease in the World

Examples :

  • Rocky Balboa is a struggling small-time boxer who lives on his own. He’s a good fighter and a good guy, but he knows he could have made it big if he hadn’t wasted his talent.
  • Luke Skywalker lives on a moisture farm with his Aunt and Uncle. But he’s not a farmer and he’s bored with his life. He wants to join the Imperial Academy and train to be a fighter for the Galactic Empire.
  • Thomas Anderson is a bored computer programmer who lives on his own and moonlights as a mysterious hacker called ‘Neo’. He senses there’s something not quite right with the world and is curious about something called ‘The Matrix’.
  • Dorothy is a simple girl from Kansas who also lives on a farm with her Aunt and Uncle. She has a dog called Toto who she loves dearly. The world she lives in is grey and dull and she longs for some colour in her life.
  • Harry Potter also lives with his Aunt and Uncle. They treat him poorly and he sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs. He knows there’s something more to the world and he has a belief in magic.

David Icke

“I had felt for some months that I was being guided. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was not alone as I journeyed through life.”

David Icke

David is a normal everyday guy despite having a series of jobs in the public eye. He’s now a spokesman for a fringe political party and is often on his own and away from his family. Recently he’s had a feeling that there was something more planned for his life and he was being guided by an invisible force.

2. Call to Adventure

The Hero’s usual routine is interrupted by an unexpected happening from an external source. They receive a letter, or they’re visited by a stranger with a message. Maybe they have a dream or they find an object whilst walking the dog. Whatever the method, destiny has shown it’s hand and the Hero is on his way to adventure.

David Icke Call to Adventure
Something Unusual Happens Which Starts Them on Their Journey

Examples :

  • Dorothy’s dog Toto is about to be taken by Miss Gulch so she runs away and is unaware of an approaching tornado
  • Apollo Creed gives an unknown boxer a shot at the title. He chooses Rocky as he likes his nickname of the Italian Stallion.
  • Luke Skywalker discovers a holographic message from Princess Leia whilst doing some repairs on his uncle’s new droid R2D2
  • Harry Potter starts receiving letters from a place called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Neo is instructed to ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ by a message on his computer screen

David Icke

“I’ve been told to give you this book”

David sets off on a tour of meetings and interviews. At one location he stays overnight with a couple who give him a book. “I’ve been told to give you this” said the man. “Who told you?” asked David. “A spirit message” the man replied.

3. Refusal of the Call

Something holds the Hero back. It could be his fear or doubt, or it could be other people who try to stop him. There’s some kind of hesitation but the audience knows it’s only a temporary delay to his inevitable fate.

Examples :

  • Rocky thinks he has no chance of winning and declines Apollo Creed’s offer
  • Harry Potter wants to go to Hogwarts but his Aunt and his Uncle say no
  • Neo meets Trinity who has been sending the messages. He wakes in the morning wondering if it was just a dream
  • Luke Skywalker says no to going to Alderaan. There’s nothing he can do and he has to go back to work
  • Dorothy tries to take shelter from the tornado but she can’t be heard knocking at the door

David Icke

 “If there’s someone there then contact me”

David has doubts and he calls for the spirits to make themselves known. “For god’s sake if there’s someone there then contact me”. He finds himself in a small shop and is drawn to another book, this time by a psychic. David contacts her and arranges to meet. He must find out if the spirits want to talk to him.

4. Meeting the Mentor

It’s time for the Hero to meet someone who will help and guide him on his adventure. The Mentor has wisdom and insight. They may have special knowledge or an important object to pass on. The Mentor gives the Hero the confidence and courage to go forward with their quest. They see the potential in the Hero and have been waiting for them. They know he is special – they know he is The One.

David Icke Meeting The Mentor
I’ve Been Waiting For You. The Hero Meets a Mentor who will guide him on His Way.

Examples :

  • Neo meets Morpheus who explains about The Matrix
  • Dorothy meets Glinda the Good Witch who greets her as a heroine for saving the Munchkins.
  • Rocky is asked by ‘Mighty’ Mickey Goldmill if he can be his manager
  • Luke Skywalker meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, an old friend of his father. He gives Luke his father’s light sabre and tells him that he must learn the ways of The Force
  • Harry Potter has a visit from Rubeus Hagrid who tells him that he’s a wizard

David Icke 

“What an honour, I’ve never had anyone through of that power before”

David visits the psychic and is contacted by a powerful spirit called Wang Lee Yee. David’s spirit mentor teaches him the true hidden history of the world and makes prophesies about the future of the planet and of Mankind. He tells David that he has been chosen to save Humanity.

Part 2 : The Crossing to the Special World

The Hero leaves his normal life and enters the alternative world of the story.

5. Crossing the First Threshold.

The Hero decides to go for it and he takes his first steps to the special world. Things are very different in his new world and often contain elements of magic or the supernatural. There’s no turning back now.

David Icke Crossing the First Threshold
The Hero Chooses the Alternative World of the Story

Examples :

  • Luke sets off to Mos Eisley Spaceport with Obi-One Kenobi on the first leg of their journey to rescue Princess Leia
  • Neo chooses the Red Pill offered by Morpheus and will now see the true reality of the world around him
  • Dorothy takes her first steps to find the Wizard of Oz and she sets off down the Yellow Brick Road
  • Harry Potter catches the Hogwarts Express to go to the school of wizardry
  • Rocky agrees to let Mickey train him

David Icke

“He will go onto the world stage and reveal great secrets.”

David has taken the plunge and is now in the spirit world. His Mentor tells him that he will be world famous. He will go onto the world stage and reveal great secrets. He is told that knowledge will be put into his mind and at other times he will be led to knowledge. He will face enormous opposition but the spirits will always be there to protect him.

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies.

This is the whole middle section of the story. The Hero will undergo training, learn new skills and gain new knowledge. But he will also be tested and will be met with challenges. He will meet new friends and he will face danger from obstacles and enemies. He will be tested but will he come through?

David Icke Tests, Allies, Enemies
The Hero Meets New Friends and Will Face Many Challenges

Examples :

  • Harry Potter adjusts to life at Hogwarts. He fights a troll, he falls from a broomstick and he gets lost in the forest
  • Luke Skywalker meets new friends Han Solo and Chewbacca and they agree to take him to Alderaan
  • Dorothy meets the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow, but she also has an enemy in the Wicked Witch
  • Neo meets new friends aboard the Nebuchadnezzar where he learns how to access the Matrix. But once he enters he will face the enemy of the Agents
  • Rocky meets his future wife Adrian but also her problematic brother Paulie

David Icke

“Go hand in hand with others so you can pick yourselves up when you fall”

David is told by his Mentor to not do his work alone. He meets new friends Paul the Spiritualist, John the Psychic and Judy the Psychic Astrologer and they help him with his psychic and channelling skills. But he also faces tests and challenges. He appears on national TV and is mocked by the host and laughed at by the audience. He becomes a figure of fun and ridicule to the general public.

Beth told me it was arranged for David Icke to be mocked on prime time TV in order to create the necessary ‘tests and enemies’ element of his future mythology.

7. Approach to the Innermost Cave

This is where the tension starts to build. The ultimate goal of the quest is in sight, but it’s also the most dangerous part of the journey and the Hero is at his most vulnerable.

Examples :

  • Luke Skywalker is on his way to Alderaan to rescue Princess Leia and Obi-one is preparing him for battle. But Alderaan has been destroyed by the bad guys and Luke is worried.
  • Dorothy is told the Wizard will help them if they bring him the broom of the Wicked Witch. The task will be perilous and they will have to kill the witch.
  • Harry Potter and his friends prepare to meet Voldemort and to get the Philosophers Stone
  • Neo is told by The Oracle that Morpheus is going to sacrifice himself in order to save Neo. Neo must choose between his own life and that of Morpheus
  • Rocky is put on a punishing training regime as he nears the time of the fight. 

David Icke

“I suddenly had a tremendous urge to go to Peru, although I had no idea where this came from.”

David travels to the far away land of Peru. He reaches a hill and hears a voice urging him to climb. He climbs the hill and stands within a circle of stones. Destiny has guided him here for the climax to his quest. 

8. The Ordeal

This is the most extreme and dangerous test so far, but it won’t be the end of the story. The Hero undergoes a huge challenge which could even see him losing his life.

David Icke The Ordeal
The Hero is Pushed to His Limit, but Will He Come Through?

Examples :

  • Rocky’s training program is brutal and punishing. He’s pushing himself harder than ever before
  • Neo enters The Matrix to rescue Morpheus. He and Trinity battle with the guards before escaping
  • Luke Skywalker rescues Princess Leia but is still in danger as the enemy Darth Vader kills Obi One Kenobi.
  • Harry Potter has a confrontation with Lord Voldemort. Harry dies and causes Voldemort’s spell to backfire on him. Harry rescues the Philosophers Stone.

David Icke

“They will be talking about this moment a hundred years from now”

David is consumed by a huge energy which enters his body as if plugged in to an electrical socket. A voice tells him it will be over when he feels the rain and that people will be talking about this moment in 100 years time.

This published reference that people would talk about the moment in 100 years time is a pointer to the mythological nature of this story.

Beth explained some of the symbolism used in this part of the story. Hills and mountains are depicted in the stories of many cultures as places of transformation. The David Icke version often uses the term ‘mound’ to avoid the obvious mythological comparisons. The element of rain or water is also used by many cultures as symbolic of birth, rebirth and transformation – an example being the Christian act of baptism.

9. The Reward (Seizing the Sword)

The Hero comes through the ordeal and has now acquired the gift or power. It could be an object or some knowledge or a superhero ability.

Examples :

  • Rocky comes through his punishing training and has restored confidence and self esteem. He now has the ability to overcome Apollo Creed
  • Dorothy escapes from the Wicked Witch with the broomstick and also the slippers which will allow her to return home
  • Harry has defeated Voldemort who killed his parents when he was a child. He stops Voldemort from getting the Stone.
  • Luke has rescued Leia and has captured the plans for the Death Star. He has also fulfilled his dream and become a fighter pilot
  • Neo can now dodge bullets and has the ability to defeat the Agents

David Icke

“From that moment on information would pour into my head”

David now has the ability to obtain knowledge and information. As his spirit Mentor told him, sometimes he will be lead to information and sometimes it will be put into his head. He can now fulfil his destiny to be world famous and to reveal great secrets.

Act 3. The Return Home

The third part of the Hero’s Journey sees the Hero finish their training in the special world and return home to their ordinary world equipped with their new power or knowledge.

10. The Road Back

The Hero now has new powers and knowledge. He can return to his old world but he knows that it will be dangerous for him and he’ll have to make sacrifices for the greater purpose.

Examples :

  • Rocky gets back in the ring to fight Apollo Creed. His last fight was at the start of the movie and he’s been transformed from a half hearted fighter to a determined athlete.
  • Neo sacrifices himself as he re-enters the Matrix to save Morpheus. He saves his Mentor but is killed before he can leave the Matrix.
  • Luke refuses to leave and chooses to face more danger in order to defeat the Galactic Empire
  • Dorothy can return home but instead goes back to The Wizard to ask for gifts for her friends
  • Harry Potter goes on to fight Quirinus Quirrell in order to protect the Philosophers Stone

David Icke

David returns home with the ability to access special knowledge and information. He could use this power for his own means, but instead puts himself in danger by revealing secrets about the powerful people who rule the world.

This is the moment in the story when David Icke starts promoting conspiracy theories, a dramatic change from his earlier New Age material. This is the moment in the story when he fulfills his prophesy to go onto the world stage and reveal great secrets.

11. Resurrection

The Hero is reborn. They become a new person with new knowledge or abilities. Sometimes they are literally reborn as they come back from death. But the Hero now faces his biggest challenge yet and it could be a matter of life or death. The threat is no longer just to him but instead to the whole world.

Examples :

  • Luke Skywalker and the rebels attack the Death Star in order to save the Universe. He remembers his training and he uses The Force as he is reborn as a Jedi knight
  • Neo is kissed by Trinity and he comes back from the brink of death. He continues his fight inside the Matrix and he kills Agent Smith
  • Dorothy’s friends feel reborn and complete as they attain what they’ve always wanted. The cowardly lion gains courage, the Tin Man gets a heart, and the Scarecrow gets a brain
  • Harry wakes up in hospital, alive and well after his battle with Quirrell
  • Rocky absorbs the blows delivered by his opponent and he keeps being knocked down. But he won’t be beaten and he keeps getting up from the canvas

David Icke

David returns home and makes another appearance on the same TV show where he was earlier mocked. He is given a platform to speak and is shown respect by the host.

Beth told me this was another deliberate action for David to appear on prime time TV, this time to provide the necessary ‘Resurrection’ element in David Icke’s version of the Hero’s Journey.

12. Return with the Elixir

David Icke Return With The Elixir
The Hero Returns to Fulfil His Destiny

He is triumphant and returns as a hero. He is now seen in a new light and someone to be taken seriously. He has new knowledge or a new ability which he will use as a gift for the world.

  • Rocky doesn’t win the fight with Apollo Creed but he feels victorious as has regained his confidence and self-esteem and he’s also won the heart of the woman he loves. He feels like a champion
  • Dorothy returns to Kansas to be reunited with her family. The psychological hold of Miss Gulch has been overcome and everyone’s happy
  • Neo now has the power and he tells the machines that he will free Humanity from The Matrix
  • Harry Potter has the Philosophers Stone
  • Luke Skywalker saves the day and returns home as a hero with the gift of peace throughout the galaxy 

David Icke

David Icke returns from Peru to save the day. He now has access to information which will save the world and free Humanity from it’s supposed enslavement by the evil Illuminati.

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